The On-Trend Ingredients

Curious foodstuffs keep on coming, who knew we could eat them? And yet we will.

The Vegetable: snowbergine
Going against everything we’ve been taught about eating the rainbow, these days East London vegans have been fighting over white aubergines, or snowbergines. While Americans named the vegetable ‘eggplant’ due to its resemblance to a goose egg, most of us have never laid eyes on anything other than the purple version.




We’re much enamoured of the jamon bars of Seville (truth be told, it’s one of the main reasons we visit the city every summer) and are constantly on the hunt for similar places in London. And yes, one can eat very good tapas in London now if one is prepared to pay through the nose. We want the kind of relaxed and inexpensive night (that might turn into a very late one) that you can only really have in a charcuterie bar, however.


Top 10 best places for solo dining in London

While most of us wouldn’t think twice about going for a coffee alone or being a solo diner in a café at lunchtime, eating your evening meal in a restaurant alone is a different matter.

Eating a solitary dinner out is mainly about confidence. 

If you feel self-assured enough, you’ll probably be happy eating alone at the Chiltern Firehouse on a Friday night. There are some dining spots, however, that go out of their way to make the single diner feel more comfortable and at home when flying solo.


King’s Cross Eating and Drinking Guide

We knew a few years ago, when we saw Rosario Dawson and Danny Boyle dining at the pop up Shrimpy’s that changes were afoot in King’s Cross, and these days it’s transformed itself beyond all recognition. Here are our current top recommendations for eating and drinking in the area throughout the day.