Mortimer House Kitchen

Mortimer House is a 2,900-square-metre members’ club in a seven-storey block on Mortimer Street in Fitzrovia and includes co-working spaces, bars and lounges for its lucky members. The restaurant is open to the public, though, and how inviting it is! The room is large, well-spaced and softly-lit. The design company AvroKO has even fitted acoustic panels in the ceiling so that you can have a quiet conversation in a busy room. The chef here is Lello Favuzzi, formerly of the acclaimed Shoreditch Italian restaurant L’Anima.

The most challenging thing might be working out which combination of which sized plates will leave you full. There are not just small plates here but medium and also large.


The Midult

The Midults.jpg

I’ll be joining The Midults Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan on Thursday 31st January to discuss their new book: I’m Absolutely Fine! A Manual for Imperfect Women. They’ll be offering a wry, heartfelt and edgy look at what it is to be a grown-up woman  and will also answer all your questions. This event is now SOLD OUT but if you would like a signed copy of their book, please contact lovely Village Books, who are organising the event, via the link below.


The On-Trend Ingredients

Curious foodstuffs keep on coming, who knew we could eat them? And yet we will.

The Vegetable: snowbergine
Going against everything we’ve been taught about eating the rainbow, these days East London vegans have been fighting over white aubergines, or snowbergines. While Americans named the vegetable ‘eggplant’ due to its resemblance to a goose egg, most of us have never laid eyes on anything other than the purple version.


My Perfect Day: Sam and Sam Clark

The husband-and-wife team behind Moro love simple food, preferably eaten in working men’s cafés. For their fantasy day of eating they head to the Moorish lands that inspire their cooking...

First breakfast
We discovered a special ful cart when visiting friends in Cairo. Ful is made from dried broad beans, cooked overnight in a cylindrical pot, then served warm in a little bowl.



Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor

Jon McGregor is an audacious writer. In an age where narrative in the most popular works of art often proceeds at a breakneck speed, he has chosen to defy this. Reservoir 13 (2017) is his first novel for thirteen years and like his debut novel, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things (2002), it was longlisted for the Booker Prize. Reservoir 13 also won the Costa Novel Award for 2017. It managed this feat in spite of his use of the passive voice and the utter absence of dialogue in the novel.

Reservoir 13 begins with an apparent hook: a thirteen-year-old girl has gone missing in an unnamed Derbyshire village. 


Towering Ambition

If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night in a Martello Tower erected to stop Napoleon landing on the Suffolk coast, or in a pink seaside villa that once belonged to author John Fowles, now is your chance.

Booking for the Landmark Trust’s five most popular properties – which include a miniature classical pavilion in Shropshire, a 13th-century castle in Warwickshire and a four-storey folly in Dorset – for the second half of 2019 opens to the public tomorrow. These renovated gems are some of the most startlingly quirky properties you could hope to rent.